Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fr. Robert A. Sirico Comments on the Election of Pope Francis

Fr. Robert A. Sirico has released the following statement on the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as pope:

“Pope Francis is a man of great spirituality who is known for his commitment to doctrinal orthodoxy as well as for his simplicity of life,” Fr. Sirico said. “Like Benedict XVI, he combines concern for the poor with an insistence that it’s not the Church’s responsibility to be a political actor or to prescribe precise solutions to economic problems. In that regard, he’s a model for all Catholic bishops and clergy throughout the world.”


  1. Father, I regard your opinions and analysis in great in high esteem and ask that you clarify a bit on the "Liberation Theology" that people say that he was embroiled in. I am so excited about our new Pope and want to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. I know back in 1983 Pope John Paul II (of happy memory) openly scolded Ernesto Cardenal who was involved in the same Liberation Theology?

  2. Sean, In the middle of the great confusion, that was that time, Fr Bergoglio -back then- was clear. He was firm with his priest as a provincial. Later on, when JP II brought him out and ordained him bishop he was also very clear. Many of his homilies and official documents are available in the internet now. And I'm sure many more will be in the near future as people publish what they know.
    A good sign -in my opinion- has been the fact that many on the left want to claim him on their side for being "a man of the people"; while the others on the left condemn him for his "participation" against that movement. See, they can't make sense of humility.
    Just as a background: I grew up in Argentina. I came to the US in the early 90's. The "Liberation Theology" was the "catholic justification" to marxist-leninist type revolution that was on it's way throughout Latin America. From the late 60's (while Kennedy was making believe a new friendship was coming) and all the way through the early 80's the USSR set our countries on "fire". So, the actions on both sides were brutal. At the time, was almost impossible Not To Take Sides. Many catholic priests, and bishops were embroiled as you put,... Jesuits non exempt. The negligence of the hierarchy allowed the many of them to take positions of leadership. So, did the government elites. To have had a clear firm and traceable position WAS HEROIC, many paid with their lives and those close to them. The fact that Francis I came out of that speaks volumes about him and the Grace of God!


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